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Kelly Ritchie

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When I first opened the store, my Grandmother’s creative influence in my life was at the forefront of the name ‘Muse’.

Mangonui has now resonated itself to represent a huge part of the journey moving forward and I wanted to incorporate that unique feeling that this gorgeous, quaint seaside village offers to locals and visitors in the name while still honouring the huge part in my life that my Italian Nonna played.
The local community, from full time residents to the bach owners who share their love of this beautiful area, have completely embraced and appreciated the creative nature of the store and I want the name to be a part of that spirit as well!
The colours we have chosen are influenced but vintage photographs of Italian beaches and villages and suit the surrounding area of Doubtless Bay.


About Kelly

I have always had an affinity for interior design from a young age, my space needs to be my sanctuary. My maternal Grandmother was a very special influence in my love of all things beautiful be it art, homewares or fashion. She was and will always be my Muse. To inspire and create a space where I can share this with others is something I truly enjoy and hope anyone visiting takes a little joy away with them!

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